Kimbereley Goldstein
Dallas, Texas, United States
Born in 1960 in rural Oklahoma, Kim True Goldstein (a/k/a kit) has emerged as a Contemporary Impressionist. Her work reflects her rural upbringing, spiritual journey, and struggle to overcome societal expectations placed on women of her generation.

Every piece of work is a complex mix of media and represents a memory from her life. A simplistic subject matter becomes complex when viewing the detail in the work. Combined, these paintings and all of her other art represent the story of the lives of women who were faced with the sexual revolution along with the struggle to live up to conventional societal and religious expectations.

As a child growing up on and around an Oklahoma farm and ranch, art of any kind was considered superfluous. Nature, hard work, and God were the key to survival for everyone in kit’s community. Family was the element that helped them survive.

Always an avid reader, kit became even more enthusiastic about the arts when exposed to the humanities in a required college course. This included literary classics, classic composers, and artists of all eras.

Kit achieved a degree in accounting and a Masters of Library and Information Studies from universities in Oklahoma. She has dealt with recognition for both success and failure. Through it all, her family has always been the best part of her life. Her artwork is a gift from God, a gift she once prayed for Him to show her. Through success, loss, and vulnerability, her work has metamorphosed into a mix of rural, classic, and free spirit.

Pablo Picasso said: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

This is why kit continues to refine her talent and continues to take care of those she loves. Her works are not just individual memories of her life; collectively they are the story of the life journey of womankind.

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