Total Time: 2 hours 13 mins 24 secs
Taught by Yao Cheng
This two-part foundation course is a perfect entry point for beginners, providing a basic understanding of how to paint successfully with watercolors. Yao begins the course by introducing artists to the array of colors everyone should have in their palette, and shows how to mix and apply pigment to paper. From there, she goes on to explain the uses of specific paintbrushes and demonstrates how to make beautiful expressive marks to create leaves, trees, and simple geometric shapes.
Beginning Watercolor
Part 1:
Beginning Watercolor: Supplies and Basic Techniques
Yao Cheng
Learn the fundamentals of playing and exploring with watercolors from acclaimed artist Yao Cheng. Yao shares her process of selecting the proper paints and brushes to get started and teaches how to blend colors to create a unique palette. The essential information provided in this class will help you learn how to apply watercolor to different surfaces and create basic shapes using fun, easy techniques.
Part 2:
Beginning Watercolor: Mark-Making and Expressive Brush Strokes
Yao Cheng
Now that you’ve had a chance to play with color and basic techniques, you’re ready to get to know your paintbrushes. This class is all about exploring the effects you can achieve with different brushes and strokes. To practice these techniques, Yao will show you several ways to paint trees and leaves, and at the end she’ll show you how to paint simple wreaths full of greenery.
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