Monica Andrade-Flores
San Antonio, Texas, USA
You don’t know much about me. Let's fix that!

Here are some random facts about me, in no particular order:

-I am the first one at the door ready for road trips.

-I love breakfast tacos…potato & eggs, please!

-Coca-cola slush equals happiness, and if added a bar of 'almond joy', then is extra happiness

-I am a fan of the San Antonio Riverwalk…awesome anytime!

-I try to do good deeds

-I google anything, even to find out what planet I live on :-)

-God is my rock and Jesus is my savior

-I can count up to ten with my fingers :-)

-Some careers I tried to attain at some point, in order: Elementary teacher, Interior Designer, Journalist, Economist, Psychologist.

-I ended up graduating in Fashion Design at F.I.T in New York, with a detour to Accounting certification at Hallmark College in San Antonio

-I love, love, love going to the movies…action, comedy, sci-fi, drama, romance, anything goes with popcorn and a large coke.

-I don’t watch too much TV, but Hawaii 5-0 is a great show to watch, need to catch up on it.

-I can't remember the last time I was bored…Not recently I’m sure!

-I’m stuck in music from the 80’s, best music ever, period!

-Go Spurs go!

-Lionel Messi, not Cristiano Ronaldo

-Ronaldo, not Messi…Seriously hard to choose!

-I’m convinced Freddie Mercury was pure genius.

-My favorite book ever: “The Little Prince”

-Bond, James Bond. 'nuff said!

-I’ve been told I am a good storyteller…depends on who is listening :-)

-I love two-stepping and country line dancing…any line dancing actually

-I collect shoes and I wear them too!

-I seriously think I need more cowgirl boots.

-I like watermelons, green mangoes, and chai tea,

-I also love rum & raisins ice cream, can’t get drunk on that one, I think!

-Jack and coke on Fridays is always welcome…it might work for Saturdays too. Cheers!

-I don’t like thunder and lightning, too scary-beautiful!

-I’m scared of small lizards, like panic-scared…seriously!

-Phil Collins? yes!!…and Air Supply too!

-I have a thing for index cards, I even make paper castles with them, best stress reliever ever at the office…trust me!

-I firmly believe that Coca-cola is the real thing…I know, I know…but still :-)

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