Carrie K Sams
.Oskaloosa, IA, US
I'm a retired ICU nurse that is a at home Grandma now. So I travel to go go see my grandchildren and in my spare time I love to garden. I have many flower gardens and of course my vegetable garden. Grew up helping my parents in the garden and helped can all of the fruits of our labor and also helped my Dad remodel houses or as they call now days "flip" houses. So I had learned my many DIY skills on the job. Little by little I would learn how to do different crafts but the only things I never really learned how to do was crochet and knit. That is my main reason for joining the classes. I have really enjoyed the classes I have took already, even the beginner classes such as sewing which I have done for years. It showed me a couple of new techniques and one thing I did learn in my last 5 years as a traveling ICU nurse, there is always a different way of doing things and in the long run your end results can be much better. I am looking forward to many more classes.