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Jody Alexander Santa Cruz, California 

Jody’s artwork always starts with a book. Whether she’s binding a book or taking it apart to make a sculptural piece – books serve as the anchor for Jody’s art. As a librarian and bookmaker, she is surrounded and inspired by books everyday. Jody loves to bind books in a style that leaves the stitching exposed on the spine and she enjoys recreating historical structures. She often combines her books with items that she’s gathered to create sculptural pieces and installations. The books, objects and other items that Jody creates tell her stories. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally and she has taught book arts in Boston, New York City and San Francisco.  Her work appears in a number of publications including Masters: Book Arts: Major Works by Leading Artists, 500 Handmade Books Vol. I & II, and 1000 Artists' Books: Exploring the Book as Art.

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