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Curated by Creativebug
Total Time: 5 hours 12 mins 50 secs
Total Time: 5 hours 12 mins 50 secs
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Curated by Creativebug
Books are magical items. They can tell stories, display pictures, hold our ideas and dreams or even just our to-do lists. In this rich series of classes, you'll learn the ancient art of bookmaking, from the basics tools and bookbinding techniques to innovative structures.
30 mins
Anatomy of a Book
Jody Alexander
This workshop is a perfect introduction for those interested in book making. An accomplished book artist, Jody takes you through the terminology used in book making and introduces the many tools used. She talks about different paper types, paper grain, cover vs. text paper and also shows how to tear paper three different ways. She covers multi-signature preparation, bookbinding knots and a variety of glues.

3 mins
How to Use a Bone Folder
Courtney Cerruti
In this quick class, Courtney demonstrates the proper way to use a bone folder. Traditionally a bookbinder's tool, a bone folder can be used to score paper, make perfectly crisp folds, and neatly tear papers. Once you see all that a bone folder can do, you'll wonder how you ever crafted without one.
22 mins
Three Ways to Stitch a Pamphlet Book
Sarah Matthews
The pamphlet is a deceptively simple bookbinding structure that’s easy to transform into something fabulous. Printmaker and book artist Sarah Matthews demonstrates three ways to bind a basic pamphlet book: a seven-hole pamphlet stitch, the link stitch, and her favorite - the dot dash stitch. Use these approachable techniques to make books, journals, zines, and more, and play with specialized tools like the bone folder, a Japanese screw punch, and waxed linen thread.
55 mins
Japanese Side Sewn Sketchbook
Jody Alexander
Learn four different stitches for this historical Japanese bookbinding structure: Four-hole, Noble, Hemp Leaf and Tortoise Shell. Single sheets are stacked and bound to create this simple and elegant binding. These are great books to use for sketchbooks, journals, photo albums and artists' books.
5 mins
Turkish Map Fold
Jody Alexander
An elegant way to fold paper, this technique has traditionally been used to fold maps. Jody deconstructs the steps to show how one piece of paper can be turned into a pop-up greeting card -- or you can combine many to create an artist’s book, decorative garland or even a crown!
3 hrs 15 mins
Daily Book Art Challenge: A Month of Book Art Ideas
Faith Hale
What is book art? It is a way to merge art and bookbinding techniques to make a one-of a-kind handmade book. With a Master’s degree in book art and creative writing, Creativebug staffer Faith Hale shares her passion by demonstrating a technique, structure, or prompt every day for an entire month. Working alongside Faith, you will create a totally unique book page by page, building skills and techniques as you go. You’ll learn how to cut flaps, create pop ups and moving pieces, discover inspiration, cull language from found sources, and use text in new and inspiring ways. These pages come together to create a sampler of techniques, and at the end of the month, you will learn how to create a text block, add hard board covers, and bind your book.