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Lisa Solomon Oakland, California 

Lisa Solomon is a studio artist that moonlights as a college professor, illustrator and graphic designer. Profoundly interested in the idea of hybridization (sparked from her Happa heritage), Solomon's mixed-media works and large scale installations revolve thematically around personal history, domesticity, craft, color theory and triggers that may be construed as masculine and/or feminine. Lisa often fuses "wrong" things together--recontextualizing their original purposes and intents, and incorporates materials that question the line between ART and CRAFT. More recently she's been incorporating social practice into her art making, relying on and inviting the public to help facilitate her work. Truth be told, she really kind of dreams of being an abstract oil painter.

Lisa received her BA in art in 1995 from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College in 2003. She has exhibited and works with galleries both nationally and internationally, is in numerous private and public collections, and is continually tweeking artworks in her backyard studio. Lisa currently resides in Oakland, California with her husband, daughter, two three-legged cats, a pit-bull, a dachshund mutt and many, many spools of thread. She is the illustrator of 20 Ways to Draw A Chair (Quarry Books 2015), author of Knot Thread Stitch - Exploring Creativity Through Embroidery and Mixed Media (Quarry Books, 2012). A monograph of her work, Hand/Made, was published by MIEL books in 2013.

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