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Hilary Williams Santa Rosa, CA 

    Art has always been the main passion of the San Francisco Bay Area native and artist Hilary Williams.  After heading to the California College of the Arts in 1999 Hilary focused and refined her skills in Screen Printing. She has worked in this medium professionally ever since receiving here BFA in Printmaking in 2002, and currently creates prints and paintings from her studio just north of San Francisco in Sonoma County.
     Hilary is constantly inspired by her surroundings which most often include the Bay Area Urban and Natural landscapes. She uses collages of photography, drawing, painting, patterning to create layers of images and meaning. She has a mastery of color and composition which make even her simple pieces a pleasure to experience. Her work is whimsical, imaginative, and often highlights juxtapositions of moments in our landscapes and experiences that are often felt, but seldom seen.

Hilary’s Classes

  • How to Mix Screen Printing Ink
    Hilary Williams
  • Multi-Color Screen Printing
    Hilary Williams
  • One Color T-shirt Printing
    Hilary Williams

Hilary's Gallery