Total Time: 2 hours 15 mins 43 secs
Taught by Yao Cheng
Once you’ve taken Yao’s Beginning Watercolor workshop, you’re ready to learn more complex techniques. Yao begins this 2-part course by sharing her unique style of painting roses, tulips, peonies and more. In the second class, she focuses on layering techniques, showing how to use watercolor’s transparent qualities to create stunning abstract paintings and gestural landscapes. By the end of this skill-building course, you will have learned how to create finished paintings that are complex looking, but simple to make.
Intermediate Watercolor
Part 1:
Intermediate Watercolor: Painting Florals
Yao Cheng
Learn how to paint gorgeous, gestural florals that reflect the vitality and energy of a freshly picked flower. This class is not about capturing the detail in every petal and leaf – what’s more important is focusing on the composition and the movement of the arrangement. Once you’ve learned how to create leaves and single stem flowers, you’ll learn how to combine these elements to paint a stunning bouquet.
Part 2:
Intermediate Watercolor: Layered Abstracts and Landscapes
Yao Cheng
The second part of Yao’s intermediate watercolor course is chock full of techniques. Yao begins by demonstrating a simple layering technique, which takes full advantage of the transparent nature of watercolor. Once you’ve practiced layering shapes, Yao shares her technique for painting landscapes, moving from background to foreground and adding layers of dimension and texture. Every step of the way, Yao explains how to create a refined color palette so that your paintings will look cohesive and rich.
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