Book Safe
Intermediate | 22 min 27 sec
Creating the Safe
Finishing the Safe
Give an old book new purpose by turning it into a book safe. Jody shows you how to create a finished safe in a few simple steps. You’ll be scouring your bookshelves and flea markets for hardback books that can be transformed into clever and handsome hiding places for cherished items.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • cutting tool
  • glue brush
  • hardcover book
  • straight edge ruler
  • glue
  • sandpaper(optional)
Learn how to:
  • Glue text blocks
  • Carve the book safe
  • Apply finishing techniques

What you’ll get:
  • An easy-to-follow lesson on how to create a book safe
  • 3 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Itemized supply list
  • Step-by-step instruction by expert crafter Jody Alexander
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students
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Class Reviews
255 users recommended this class to a friend
Debra Roussopoulos
This is a great use for old books! Love Jody's clear & concise instructions for this class.
January 20, 2023
James D Monroe
This is really neat. Thanks Jody and Creativebug
More than 3 months ago
Wenda Ans
Very good instruction.
More than 3 months ago