Meet-Thayer Allyson

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Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Thayer is a photographer and director whose work is inspired by sincerity and playfulness; enjoying every day with travel, food, beach, surf, design and home. Her work strives to convey the beauty and happiness in the everyday aspects of the world. A Connecticut native who moved West, she finds peace in the western landscape in the far reaches of Northern California. Spending her free time eating, surfing and taking polaroids of every nook. For some of her most beloved clients, Anthology and Apple, her lifestyle work celebrates the real stories of those that find themselves in front of her lens. Her energy when shooting is always open and caring. Boundless when she has a shot list as long as her arm, quiet when on a farm, filming crafters in their studios in Vancouver. Adaptable and always filled with charm. A true Libra. 
Thayer entered the world of stop motion a few years back. Discovering stop motion and film has opened the doors to a never-ending creative journey. Her motion work has a whimsical and genuine feel, and it's a new love she enjoys exploring nonstop. Her motion work has inspired her recent venture into the fine art world. With the recent poster/zine “Take Me to the Sea” in collaboration with the Lower East Side gallery, Ed Varie, her personal work is sexy, nostalgic and fresh. She is driven by color, texture and patterns in the landscape from her travels. She splits her time between Brooklyn and San Francisco with her boyfriend. In Williamsburg at her lofty space, where she creates new work, hits up local stores, music venues and collaborates with friends till the wee hours. In San Francisco, in their quaint modern home on the leafy streets of Bernal Hill, surfing in Bolinas on the weekends.

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