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Carla Scott

Currently serving as the president of McKnits, International, Carla has also served as the Executive Editor of Vogue Knitting International as well as Editor in Chief of Knit Simple, both published by Soho Publishing Co. She worked with Vogue Knitting magazine since 1982 and has been in the hand-knitting industry for over 30 years, working for various yarn companies and knitting magazine and book publishers in New York City. 

She regularly gives knitting presentations to Knitting Guilds and teaches several knitting classes around the country, including at all the Vogue Knitting LIVE events, on knitting cruises, and at yarn shops and knitting guilds. She also works with the Craft Yarn Council in organizing their various consumer events such as “Stitch 'N Pitch” and teaching groups to knit (her favorite one being the Rockettes at Rockefeller Center in New York City). She was involved at the CYCA inception, and headed the Yarn Standards Committee. 

She has been knitting since she was seven years old. She learned to knit from her grandmother, as well as her sister and knitwear designer, Mari Lynn Patrick.

Carla’s Classes