Punch Needle Coasters: 6/13/19
CBTV | 35 min 49 sec
Punch Needle Coasters
Arounna from bookhou demonstrates a punch needle technique from her newest book. This video originally appeared live June 13, 2019. Please be advised that the giveaway is now closed.
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Eleni Roberts
Very good. I've been hesitant to start because not sure how to finish it up. Thanks for the information.
March 8, 2023
Carmen Johnson
This was amazingly fun to watch! The ladies did a wonderful job teaching this lesson.... I'm hooked on doing this project!
March 7, 2023
ShirleyA. Tomany
Outstanding! The joy and energy produced by these young ladies is more than entertaining. The information they share is of valuable for anyone who loves fiber art....even those who do not want to mess with the punch needle!!
January 21, 2023