Patchwork Improv: Working with Shapes
Beginner | 1 hour 16 min
Find your flow in improv quilting with master Sherri Lynn Wood. Explore how the square motif can be interpreted and re-interpreted as your flexible pattern or "score" expands and contracts to fit with your quilting goals. Work ruler-free and feel the freedom of improv as you move along. Play with squares within squares, cut them up to create grids and crosses, and learn how to make choices to move your pattern along. When you’ve finished this class you’ll have a piece of improv patchwork you can use for future projects.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A variety of fabrics including cotton blends, dress shirts, charm squares, and existing patchwork
  • Sharp scissors
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Sewing machine with neutral thread
  • Pins
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Iron and ironing surface
Learn how to:
  • Build and combine square patchwork
  • Compose with patchwork pieces
  • Find flow and make intuitive choices
  • Cut and piece

What you'll get:
  • A five-part class on how to explore squares while developing improvisational patchwork techniques
  • Six HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed supply list
  • Step-by-step instructions by expert quilter Sherri Lynn Wood
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students
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Class Reviews
315 users recommended this class to a friend
G Manwell
Loved this! Will definitely attempt an improve using these techniques in the not too distant future.
December 26, 2022
Candace Hennekens
The principles of improv are so well explained. Actually they’re good principles to live life by! This could be watched many times and there would always be something to learn.
October 31, 2022
Su Scott
This is very positive and helps take the mystery out of how these shapes go together. Trouble shooting helps... relaxed exploration stays flexible and it's a technique I'm going to try very soon. Great instruction and I'm very happy to watch this insightful set of videos. YEAH!
More than 3 months ago