Botanical Boughs for All Seasons
Beginner | 28 min 57 sec
Looking for a bit of seasonal foliage to greet you at your front door? In this class, Cobrina of Creativebug shows you how using fresh, dried, or faux leaves and flowers can create a simple bough for your door or anywhere in your home. She demonstrates two of her favorite ways to hang these lovely sprigs - a simple upside-down bouquet hung by a ribbon, as well as one that uses branches to make a triangle shape, creating a more modern feel. Whether you collect foliage from the outdoors or want to use a beautifully fading bouquet, these botanical boughs are easy to update and refresh throughout the seasons.
Here’s what you’ll need:
To make the Door Bouquet:
  • Fresh, dried, or faux flowers and leaves
  • Heavy duty scissors or clippers
  • Rubber bands
  • 1-1.5" wide ribbon, about 60"
  • Thumbtack or nail for hanging
To make the Triangle Frame:
  • 3 sticks of equal length (about 14-16"), such as foraged branches, bamboo or birch
  • Rubber bands, floral wire, and/or floral tape
  • String, twine, or other small cording, about 36"
Learn how to:
  • Create a layered bouquet
  • Tie the Common Whipping knot with ribbon
  • Affix a bouquet to a triangle frame
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Class Reviews
72 users recommended this class to a friend
Lynda LiVecchi-Bell
Very descriptive. Helpful tips. Lots of inspiration.
3 days ago
WANDA Korman-Jacquin
Great ideas and presented well!
January 25
Pamela M. Freeburn
I loved watching this class and seeing the beautiful bouquets. Definitely planning to make my own to hang on my front door.
January 17, 2023