Total Time: 4 hours 49 mins 35 secs
Taught by Lisa Congdon
Learn basic stylized line drawing from one of today’s most sought-after artists. In this four-part course, Lisa covers the basics of line drawing, showing you how to build beautiful patterned drawings and integrate line drawing into your repertoire. Lisa shows you where to begin and the principles of composition before moving onto basic geometrics and patterns. Then she shows you how to use line work to decorate vintage photos, and finally, how to create a block-lettered alphabet. Whether you are just learning how to draw, or you want to deepen a regular creative practice, this class will fuel your imagination and show you how to create infinite designs from simple shapes. 
Basic Line Drawing
Part 1:
Basic Line Drawing: Flowers
Lisa Congdon
Part 1 of this course is all about getting started with basic shapes and understanding composition. Lisa Congdon shares her tricks for approaching the blank page, whether you prefer to work from photo references or just your imagination. Grab your pen and paper and get ready to draw some flowers and leaves with Lisa.
Part 2:
Basic Line Drawing: Geometrics
Lisa Congdon
In the second part of Basic Line Drawing, Lisa explores a beloved topic: geometrics. She works with triangles, circles, scallops and straight lines to build overall patterns, and shows how to add line work within those basic shapes. Lisa offers several exercises to loosen up your line drawings, and offers a glimpse inside her sketchbooks to see how she meticulously builds patterns from simple shapes. 
Part 3:
Basic Line Drawing: Found Photography
Lisa Congdon
Learn how to use your line drawing skills to adorn vintage photos with doodles. Lisa shares several ideas for incorporating line drawing into the background of photos, or even using it to add patterns to clothing. This is a fun way to spruce up found photography or add a personal artistic touch to old family photos.
Part 4:
Basic Line Drawing: Hand Lettering
Lisa Congdon
In Part 4, Lisa teaches you how to incorporate hand lettering into your artwork. Lisa demonstrates how to create your own block letter alphabet, and she opens the pages of her sketchbooks to show you how she weaves lettering and line work together.
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