Velvet Pumpkins: 10/25/18
CBTV | 19 min
Add some flair to your autumnal table with simply-stitched velvet gourds. This video originally appeared live October 4, 2018.
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Halloween Favorites
Halloween Pumpkin Carving
Courtney Cerruti
Sometimes you want more than a toothy jack-o-lantern welcoming Halloween guests to your front porch or dining room table. Courtney shows you how to borrow techniques from printmaking to create fanciful carved designs – in addition to some quick, non-carving ideas. You’ll have plenty of ideas for adding elegant silhouettes, glitter and geometric designs to your Halloween décor.
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Velvet Pumpkins: 10/25/18
Add some flair to your autumnal table with simply-stitched velvet gourds. This video originally appeared live October 4, 2018.
Halloween Trick or Treat Bags
Rad Megan
Your little ghouls and goblins will shriek with delight over handmade Trick or Treat bags. They are super simple and fun to make — and even easier to customize. With a little felt, scissors and a sewing machine you can make your very own felt fiend, mummy or jack-o-lantern. 
DIY Halloween Masks
Courtney Cerruti
If you don’t feel like creating an entire costume – or if you want to give your costume that final DIY touch – add one of these masks. Courtney shows you how to add embellishments to totally transform basic store-bought masks. A plush tawny owl, a bead-encrusted masquerade piece, and a striking constellation complete the set.
Crocheted Black Cat
Twinkie Chan
Learn how to make this spooky-sweet black cat with crochet designer, Twinkie Chan. You’ll learn how to work in the round using basic stitches, whipstitch everything together, and most importantly, embroider the face. This black cat is perfect for Halloween décor – or switch up the yarn colors and make it look just like your favorite kitty!  
Halloween Party Décor
Courtney Cerruti
This class is jam-packed with six different Halloween craft projects that range from gothic and bookish to add a slightly sinister note to an adult cocktail party to paper decorations and Halloween surprise balls that will enliven any kids’ party. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point to customize your own Halloween decorations.
Halloween Witch Face Paint
Courtney Cerruti
Transform into a witchy wonder with this easy face painting tutorial. Courtney gives tips and tricks for creating a classic, green witch face that is perfect for Halloween. You will even learn how to paint a spooky spider web accent to go with your green face.