lee billy Chisale
Lenox, Massachusetts, United States
I am Lee Chisale, founder of Chisalee Investments Limited
Chisalee Investments limited managed a couple of companies named Belle Afrique and Belle Afrique Interiors Design in Blantyre .
Belle Afrique promotes healthy lifestyle and beauty treatments. We offer health care treatments, from Skin treatments, waxing, GP Consultations Aesthetic treatments, Massage therapy to just name a few. In addition, we give vocational qualification, from certificate level on Basics professionalism, front offices duty, diploma level including stress management and Exercise, diet & Nutrition, Make-up application, Waxing treatments and more.
Finally, advance Diploma which contains, Spa treatments, setting up a business, marketing and promotion, consumer protection as part of the training. We are not restricted to women as people look at the industry as a women dominant field
We also provide training in Grooming, etiquette and manner to individuals, employees and corporate.
I study accounting and business management and obtained a diploma in commerce with a mind-set of be my own boss even if that meant starting at the bottom.

In 2007, I saw tremendous opportunities in Malawi
My journey started in the food industry “Champions Take away” was born by taking an opportunity within my reach. Then the business grew into a full restaurant “LA MANNA”, later I decided to have a small beauty salon.

Our ultimate goal is to be leader in the wellness and beauty training sector in Malawi and get to be franchised.

Being a qualified somtologist myself for the past 10 years, I have always believed in client comfort and excellent service. We have built a strong brand through quality and innovative approaches in the beauty industry in Malawi. We want to see Belle Afrique be an example of good ethics and value and to pass those values in our schools as well as promote new opportunities in the wellness industry in Malawi

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