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Curated by Creativebug
Total Time: 5 hours 24 mins 22 secs
Total Time: 5 hours 24 mins 22 secs
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Curated by Creativebug
Using a needle and thread to sew is a small and simple act that can achieve great results. Knowing how to hand-sew provides agency as well as allows you to explore multiple crafts and materials. Learn how to do the basics with well and with grace as you learn all about hand-sewing techniques and how to apply them to your craft practice.
18 mins
The Physics of Sewing
Natalie Chanin
In this workshop, Natalie shares some of the old wives’ tales that she’s heard about stitching over the years and the truths that each tale reveals for smoother and easier hand sewing. After watching this workshop, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the physics that determine how cotton jersey and thread behave and you’ll be ready to get stitching by hand.

58 mins
Sashiko Sewing
Lisa Solomon
Learn how one stitch can provide you with inspiration for a lifetime of creative practice. Using the running stitch as a base, mixed media artist Lisa Solomon shows you the Japanese tradition of sashiko stitching as well as a plethora of ideas for creative and practical use. You’ll learn how to work with traditional patterns (or make your own designs based on a grid layout) to make decorative pieces or mend and patch garments. No matter the method you choose, you’ll find that sashiko is a great way to slow down and stitch with intention, creating beauty from simplicity. 
6 mins
How to Sew On a Button
Faith Hale
When a button falls off a shirt, it's all too easy to replace the entire garment, but the process of reattaching a button can be simple and empowering. In this quick technique class, learn the most secure method of reattaching a button, ensuring it remains on your garment for as long as you need it to. The first few times will take a bit of focus but like any hand skill, it will get easier each time you try it.
33 mins
Hand-Stitched Needle Case
Heidi Parkes
This sweet, little needle case comes together super quickly all while teaching you the fundamental elements of quilting. Milwaukee artist and quilter Heidi Parkes demonstrates how to stitch up an easy, playful case for needles and pins that is essentially a mini quilt folded in half with a snap. Teaching three basic stitches and three knots, this hand-sewn case exhibits customizable applique and makes a delightful gift to send through the mail to fellow stitchers.
39 mins
Big Stitch Hand Quilting
Tara Faughnan
Color fanatics and hand-stitching aficionados will find a lot to love in Tara Faughnan's “Big Stitch” quilting class. Tara shares her techniques for picking harmonious fabric colors to sew a high-contrast bar quilt, then shows how to quilt by hand with a dazzling array of threads. The final product is a richly layered piece that can be used for a mini-quilt or pillow top – or you can go big and apply this technique to a full-size quilt. The process is playful and inspiring, suitable for both first-time quilters and more advanced stitchers.
44 mins
Hand Sew a Teddy Bear
Kata Golda
Alison Kaplan of Kata Golda shares her signature pattern for making a classic teddy bear. This cuddly bear is stitched up entirely by hand using wool felt and a few easy stitches. Alison shows you how to make each stitch, and gives helpful tips for freehand stitching faces and letters. Templates are provided to make a bear and a bunny, both of which are sewn exactly the same way. And don’t forget to sew up a little wardrobe for your buddy using the overalls and dress templates. 
2 hrs 3 mins
Hand Sew A Shirt
Cal Patch
Learn to stitch a shirt, sew seams, finish necklines and hem edges with just your hands, a needle, and thread. Hand-sewing clothing might seem like a wild idea, but you might actually save time since you can take your project on-the-go without being tethered to your sewing machine. Clothing designer and author Cal Patch teaches you four basic stitches, four kinds of seaming techniques, and four ways to finish edges including applying bias tape. You'll sew one sampler shirt that includes every technique or pick and choose your favorites. This class is perfect for people who may feel intimidated by the sewing machine but are curious about stitching their own garments. Take your slow-fashion wardrobe to the next level.