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Treasure of Nikki&Mallory

Ever wondered if the movie Fame is really what art/design school is like? Let's just say that it was the complete opposite for me. After losing my corporate job and pursuing every creative opportunity I could to make ends meet, I enrolled in fashion design school (with no money) to kill time and discover my next step. After drawing and draping classes and proving gatekeepers wrong, I found my passion: handbags. Since then, I've transformed my passion and entrepreneurial spirit into Nikki&Mallory, an artisan-made collection and brand of handcrafted leather goods. After years of growing my business and finding purpose in inspiring women, makers, entrepreneurs & creatives alike - I also found the light inside myself and used it to transcend a dark time. It’s not about grinding and non-stop hustle but tuning out the world and embarking on a journey to find what feeds your soul.

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