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Stephanie Fleming

Hi! I’m Stephanie… a lifelong optimist and creative soul. I wear many hats here at Me And My Big Ideas but developing new products is my favorite. I remind myself constantly how lucky I am that this is actually my job. I get to “live creatively” for a living!

I live in Southern California where the sun shines most of the time and the beach is a hop, skip and a jump away. I love photography, camping, good wine and online classes. I’m a total homebody and my family are the most important people in my life. Being a grandma (or Bamaw) has filled my heart with a special kind of love that only grandparents understand. Can I get an amen?

As a student of life, I majored in Perfectionism with an emphasis in Procrastination. I’m a first-born, what can I say? But I am happy to announce that I have kicked “perfect” to the curb and have been blissfully embracing my authentic self. I believe we can learn so much when we are willing to continually grow from our experiences and learn from the people in our lives. I learned to nurture my creativity from my mom. My love for camping, nature and the outdoors came from my one-and-only Daddy-O. My son taught me about hard work & dedication. My daughter fills my heart with laughter and music. And the love of my life, my husband Kevin, taught me that I am worthy of love exactly as I am. What an awesome gift life is!!

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