Meet-Pam and Jennifer

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Pam and Jennifer

Pam Garrison and Jennifer Mercede met in 2012. As soon as they discovered each other’s work, they recognized their kindred spirits. Oogling over each other’s work and process, they knew they had to explore painting together! What would it be like to make a mess with such a like minded artist?

Ever since, they've been collaborating on both making art and teaching, having lots of fun along the way. When in creation mode, the two glob on paint, scratch and scrape away, scribble and doodle with pen, marker and crayon. They saturate pieces with their favorite colors, such as coral, mint, grey blue, sage and neon pink (just to name a few). They paint layers over each other's additions.  If you were to listen in on a painting session, you'd hear them cracking jokes, laughing and making fun of each other and the process (in a good way of course). 

They’ve teamed up with Creativebug in this abstract painting class to share with you some of their most beloved techniques and discoveries from working together. 

Pam and Jennifer’s Classes