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Jill Draper The Hudson Valley, NY 

Jill Draper is a hand dyer, knitter, knitwear designer and infrequent blogger living in the Hudson valley of New York. After graduating from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a BFA in Fashion Design she worked in the ‘corporate’ design world for a while, before realizing what she really craved was a smaller footprint and artisanal production. Jill believes everyone is capable of making, to this end she has taught hundreds of people to knit and won’t stop until everyone has at least one handmade garment in their closet! Jill Draper Makes Stuff, Jill’s hand dyed yarn line, was born when she moved out of the big city & into the country. Jill hand dyes yarns, many made the US with wool she sources from local farmers and writes knitting patterns & tutorials for books and magazines. Jill teaches classes locally and at fiber events around the country, a current list can be found on the website she shares with fellow maker & clothing designer, Cal Patch. 

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