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Cecelia Murphy Oakland, California 

Hi! I am an artist and surface designer living in the Bay Area. I create prints, patterns and products using motifs that are hand-drawn or hand-painted from life. Most of the inspiration for my work comes from the endless visual variety around me in California -- from flowers in the cracks of the sidewalk to stunning landscape scenes off the freeway, the everyday beauty here is inescapable! I love the magic that digital tools like Photoshop bring to my artwork. I paint something that catches my eye, then I create a pattern out of the painting. I can make it repeat in endless ways, I can change the colors, mix in other motifs, add different effects, you name it. Once it's printed, whether it's on a pillow or a duvet cover or even a dress, that moment of observed beauty becomes a tangible part of your everyday experience. There's nothing like it!

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