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Betz White

Betz White has built a career on thoughtful design, skilled craftsmanship and a focus on materials that are kind to people and planet alike. She is a designer, artist and the bestselling author of two books that encourage readers to “stitch beautifully, tread lightly”, Warm Fuzzies and Sewing Green. Her original sewing patterns, Make New or Make Do™, are designed to be made from either new or repurposed fabrics and are sold online and in specialty fabric shops nationwide. As the perfect earth-friendly compliment to her pattern line, Betz debuted her first collection of organic cotton fabrics in 2010. Look for her newest sewing book with Interweave, arriving 2014. When she’s not designing or sewing, Betz can be found shopping at thrift stores, teaching workshops, and raising two crafty boys with a passion for making stuff. To learn more about her current and upcoming projects and blog, visit

Betz’s Classes

  • Flight Bag
    Betz White
  • Travel Kit
    Betz White
  • Weekend Clutch
    Betz White

Betz's Gallery