Switching out Bra Straps with Madalynne: 8/9/18
CBTV | 12 min 54 sec
Chapter 1
Designer and owner of Madalynne Intimates shows how easy it is to swap out your old bra straps for a simple update. This video originally appeared on Facebook Live August 9, 2018
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Paula Patterson
great info!
More than 3 months ago
Kaitlin K
This was pointless. More useful would have been how to actually sew the bralette. I have never had a bra strap that needed replacing. It is usually the bra band which stretches out first, which is why they have 3 clasps!
More than 3 months ago
Serra Guglielmone
Great class! Excited to see the bralette tutorial coming soon :)
More than 3 months ago