Make a Paper Cherry Blossom Branch
All levels | 23 min 36 sec
Make a Paper Cherry Blossom Branch
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Cherry blossom season is fast and fleeting; the peak bloom period, when the blossoms are open, lasts only a few days. Capture that springtime wonder by making ever-blooming paper cherry blossoms with Mia Semingson. Mia is an artist, book binder, and owner of Two Hands Paperie in Boulder Colorado. In this class she teaches you how to use basic origami folds, simple cutting techniques, and a fun dip dye process to transform paper into beautiful flowers. How each one turns out is a mystery until you unfold them, and the surprise is part of the magic. You can use your cherry blossoms to adorn the tops of gifts and Mia also shows you how to attach them to a branch for a beautiful decor piece.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Absorbent paper such as Japanese Washi Paper - Mia uses Sumi-E Painting & Calligraphy Paper and you can also use white basket style coffee filters
  • Three bowls of pink ink or dye - Mia uses FW acrylic ink in Process Magenta diluted into various shades with water
  • One bowl of water
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutter
  • Thin wire - Mia uses 30 gauge
  • Bone folder or spoon
  • Sturdy needle
  • Iron
  • Spray bottle
  • Protractor
  • Pencil
  • Two tea towels for ironing
  • Two branches
Learn how to:
  • Make dip dyed paper cherry blossoms
  • Use basic origami folds on both Japanese washi paper and basket-style coffee filters
  • Cut folded paper into blossom shapes
  • Dip dye paper in various shades of dye
  • Experiment with different dye patterns
  • Wire paper petals into blossoms
  • Attach paper blossoms to a branch
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Make a Paper Cherry Blossom Branch Reviews
65 users recommended this class to a friend
suzi Leggett
This was such a fun and inspiring class. I can't wait to watch again and make some cherry blossoms of my own. I'm thinking of doing different colored blossoms to mimic the azaleas that I am fammiliar with.
May 7
Linda Day
Wonderful class. Can't wait to try this!!! Excellent teacher. Can you provide us with other options of what paper to use please?
April 27, 2024
Christine Wade
First class I've watched. It was able to keep me interested throughout.
April 26, 2024