Beginner | 5 min
Taught by Amanda Brown
Air compressors can seem a little intimidating at first, but Amanda Brown explains how simple it is to use this machine for reupholstering furniture at home. Amanda shows how to use an air compressor to power a variety of pneumatic tools, such as a staple gun, a brad nailer, and an air blower.
Learn how to:
  • Fill the compressor with pressurized air
  • Attach the hose to the base
  • Attach the hose to a variety of pneumatic tools
  • Use a pneumatic staple gun
  • Use a pneumatic brad nailer
  • Use an air blower
What You'll Get:
  • Detailed lesson on how to use an air compressor to power various tools
  • 1 HD video lesson you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Step-by-step expert instruction from Amanda Brown
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions, and interact with other students

Air Compressor Basics
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Amanda uses an air compressor with a six-gallon tank
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