Total Time: 2 hours 21 mins 22 secs
Taught by Benjamin Mach
Understanding how to drape and manipulate fabric is a key ingredient in learning how to draft your own garment patterns. In this thorough class, you’ll learn foundational draping techniques from Project Runway All Star and Mood Fabrics’ Creative Director of Education, Benjamin Mach. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of preparing a dress form, measuring and marking the body, and draping the fabric on the dress form, but you’ll then learn how to transfer the pattern to paper to make your very own original skirts, tops and dresses.

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Fashion Draping with Mood Fabrics
Part 1:
Draping a Skirt
Benjamin Mach
One of the easiest garment styles to drape is a simple skirt. Starting with a yard of muslin and your dress form, Benjamin teaches this foundational lesson in marking, measuring, and draping fabric on your dress form. You’ll learn pro tips on smoothly pinning out your fabric to avoid twists and puckers, and then how to take your skirt front and back and transfer them to paper pattern pieces.
Part 2:
Draping a Bodice
Benjamin Mach
Once you’ve mastered the basic skirt pattern, you’re ready to try your hand at a contoured bodice. Benjamin demystifies this process, showing you how to fit a flat piece of fabric to the neck and armhole, and effortlessly apply bust and waist darts. As with the skirt, he also shows you how to mark up your muslin and transfer it to a paper pattern with tracing paper.
Part 3:
Draping a Dress
Benjamin Mach
In this final part, Benjamin puts together our skirt and bodice lessons to show how to drape a simple dress. Best of all, he then shows how to sew the muslin together for a test fitting. Once you’ve completed this final class, you’ll be ready to start creating your own line of garments, customizing them as you see fit.
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