Total Time: 1 hour 1 min 3 secs
Taught by Cal Patch
Working with knits can often be intimidating, but in this 2-part course, you’ll learn tips and tricks to help make stretchy fabrics your new go-to textile. Cal Patch shows just how simple it is to construct knitted garments on a home-sewing machine – no serger or overlock machine required. Not only will you learn how to adapt the patterns from her original Pattern Drafting course to work with knits, but you’ll also see how easy it is to design your own wardrobe, including custom tanks, jersey dresses, zip-up hoodies, and more.
Pattern Drafting with Knits
Part 1:
Pattern Drafting with Knits: Customizing the Pattern
Cal Patch
For this course, we'll be working with the shift dress and sleeve pattern from Cal's original Pattern Drafting work-along. Cal shows how to remove ease from your personalized master pattern so that it will work perfectly with stretchy knitted fabric. All of the basics of working with knits are covered here: you'll learn lots of different ways to sew with knit fabrics on a home sewing machine as well as loads of techniques for finishing raw edges. Cal demonstrates how to make an empire-waist dress, which can be made with short sleeves or long sleeves. As always, Cal's information-packed approach to teaching will help you understand how simple it really is to design a year-round wardrobe using all of your favorite fabrics.
Part 2:
Pattern Drafting with Knits: Drafting a Hooded Sweatshirt
Cal Patch
Learn how to make a zip-up hoodie that is sure to become your go-to weekend staple. Cal demonstrates how to add positive ease to the original shift dress and sleeve pattern to make an oversized sweatshirt, and how to draft new pieces for pockets and a hood. Once you’ve cut out your pattern pieces in your favorite cozy fabric, Cal will walk you through the steps to construct your hoodie. You’ll learn how to insert a separating zipper, add sleeve cuffs, and sew a professional hem. At the end of the class, Cal shows off an array of designs that are possible with knits, sure to get your creativity flowing.
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