Crochet Socks for Your Chair
Beginner | 1 min
Do you fear your chairs catch a chill in the winter months? Crochet Cal will ease your worries by showing you how to quickly stitch a set of four cozy socks for your chair feet. Cal demonstrates how to select yarn that matches the complexion of your chair, take measurements for a perfect fit, and discusses yarn weights so you can create a set of socks for any season.  You'll be all set to enjoy this class on April Fool's Day!
Here’s what you’ll need:
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Class Reviews
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Parker Ryu
I actually do need something like this because my chair is scratching up my rental floor! Wish it was real lol
December 24, 2022
Sheila Klooster
More than 3 months ago
Frances Krueger-Jackson
Very funny! However, I think it would actually make an interesting class since it is a real thing. If you have wood floors you don't want to scratch them, chair socks are a real thing. ;)
More than 3 months ago