Art Journal Pages with Get Messy: 7/24/18
CBTV | 24 min 10 sec
Art Journaling with Get Messy Girls 7/24/18

Art Journal Experts Get Messy talk us through two pages using their favorite techniques. This video originally aired on Facebook Live July 24, 2018
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a bit lackluster. you think too small and frankly you didn't make a mess at all. still I'm glad you had a good time. that was nice, anyway.
March 11
Kate Hull
I would have liked to see more options, ideas done with more colors. Overall it was good, not exactly for scrapbooking but for keeping a journal or diary it'll work. Thanks ladies
More than 3 months ago
Belinda Sisneros
So simple, yet so inspiring, I'm an AMAZING COOK BTW, and although glue sticks would be my go too, HOT glue is a little better, unless of course your working with the littles.
More than 3 months ago