Knitting Techniques: How to Knit Fast
Beginner | 1 min 8 sec
Knitting speed increases with time and practice of course, but there are other small factors to take into consideration that can affect your knitting speed in a big way. Professional knitter and knitwear designer Carla Scott demonstrates the specific technique she uses to get so many stitches worked up so quickly.
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Class Reviews
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ShirleyA. Tomany
Where is the balance of this video?? There are no other TIPS?
1 day ago
Karla Norgaard
This looks like a preview for a full class. It is very quick and ends abruptly without really saying how to knit fast.
January 7, 2023
Cecelia La Rossa
She never said any information about how to knit, but just her skills, I would not recommend this lady.
January 7, 2023