Beginner | 25 min
Taught by Rad Megan
Every kid loves bubbles, and most adults do too. Learn how to make several easy bubble wands and Rad Megan's secret family recipe for bubble juice. What are you waiting for? Get crafty with bubbles and enjoy a fun day outside!
Learn how to:
  • Make easy bubble wands
  • Make “bubble juice” or bubble solution for your wands

What you’ll get:
  • An easy-to-follow lesson on creating wands for bubbles
  • 6 HD video lessons you can access online anytime, anywhere
  • Itemized supply list
  • Step-by-step instruction by artist Rad Megan
  • The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students

Making Bubble Juice
Kid-Sized Bubbles
Making Bubble Wands
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • cordless drill
  • drill bit
  • pliers for cutting and bending wire
  • liquid dish detergent
  • glycerin or light Karo syrup
  • kitchen twine
  • pipe cleaners
  • drinking straws
  • floral or jewelry wire
  • sturdy sticks from the yard
  • wood glue
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July Lookbook // 2017
July Lookbook Promo // 2017
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Daily Painting Challenge: 31 Flowers to Paint with Yao Cheng
Yao Cheng
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Pineapple Quilt Block
Heather Jones
Learn how to make a classic pineapple quilt block from modern quilter, Heather Jones. Worked up in contrasting colors, this graphically striking design takes a historic quilt block from subtle to stunning. Heather works her quilting magic in this class, showing you how to make precise cuts using quilting rulers and finish the block with precision. If you would like to learn how to create an improvised pineapple block (as shown in the quilt at the end of the class), be sure to take Heather’s Improvisational Patchwork class on Creativebug. 
Painting on Cookies and Cakes
Wilton Instructors
Cake decorating meets surface design in this comprehensive course for culinary artists. Using icing gel colors, buttercream, decorator brushes and palette knives, long-time Wilton instructor, Robin Mueller, shows how to turn a variety of cake-and-cookie canvases into edible works of art. Best of all, the techniques shown in this series are approachable for all levels, and the cookies can be made in advance for easy entertaining.
Crocheted Squid
Megan Kreiner
Crochet yourself a cuddly squid pal, perfect for dry land or ocean adventures (the bathtub works, too). Cute critter designer, Megan Kreiner, walks you through every step of the crochet process, from tentacle to eyeball. This class is perfect for intermediate stitchers or beginners who would like to up their crochet game. For best results, watch the video instructions alongside the downloadable PDF.
Sew a Wristlet Clutch
Ashley Nickels
This easy clutch is a girl's best friend. Ashley Nickels shows you how to sew this simple clutch from scratch, complete with interior credit card slots and a detachable wristlet strap. Though the bag is little, it’s packed with skill-building opportunities, like making bias tape and inserting a zipper. Whether you use it as an every day wallet or take it along for a night out, this bag is sure to come in handy.
Sew a Reversible Sun Hat
Ashley Nickels
Learn how to make a reversible, floppy sun hat—the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Ashley Nickels will show you how to measure your head to determine your hat size and how to increase or decrease the length of the brim to make it totally customizable. Best of all, this sun hat can be made with your two favorite fabrics since it’s fully reversible. This class is great for new sewers and for anyone who needs a stylish hat to wear under the warm, summer sun.
DIY Traveler's Journal
Faith Hale
Create a gorgeous leather-bound traveler’s journal to take on all of your adventures. Perfect for drawing, sketching or writing, this easily customizable notebook is simple to construct and sturdy enough to take on travels. Bookbinder, Faith Hale, demonstrates how to create pamphlet-stitch booklets to insert in your notebook, and how to work with thick leather to create a durable cover. You’ll also learn how to add an elastic closure and give the leather cover a professional finish without the investment of leatherworking tools. Best of all, when you fill up your journal pages, you can easily add new booklets to your leather cover and keep on journaling.
DIY Fabric Shoelaces
Liesl Gibson
Add a creative zip to your step when you make your own shoelaces. Liesl shows you how to make a quick frayed version, as well as a more finished, sewn version. Both pack extra pizazz with pops of bright artist’s tape and nail polish. You’ll have a creative and fun use for extra fabric in your stash.
Crocheted Summer Bag
Edie Eckman
This quintessential summer bag is made using several crochet stitch patterns that come together to form a textural sampler. Whether you choose a cheerful summery color or a nautical neutral, this bag will become your go-to everyday tote. And best of all, the size of the bag can be made smaller or larger simply by choosing a lighter weight or bulkier weight yarn -- no pattern adjustments required.
Natural Dyeing with Indigo
A Verb for Keeping Warm
Indigo blue is like no other blue. With natural dyeing expert, Kristine Vejar, learn how to create an indigo vat in your kitchen or backyard. Using a plain cotton bandana, Kristine shows you how to create several resist designs using clothespins and simple folding techniques. You'll learn how to create an Indigo “Mother” and vat in order to create limitless beautiful and unique indigo-dyed textiles.
Canning Basics: How to Can Tomatoes
Karen Solomon
Learn how to preserve the taste of late-summer garden tomatoes with canning pro, Karen Solomon. Karen will teach you the basics of selecting and peeling perfectly ripe tomatoes, then show you how to safely can and process them so you can enjoy the taste of summer sunshine all year long. These whole canned tomatoes are perfect for soups, sauces, and everyday cooking throughout the year.
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Bubble Mania: Fairy Wands
Rad Megan
Every kid loves bubbles, and most adults do too. Learn how to make several easy bubble wands and Rad Megan's secret family recipe for bubble juice. What are you waiting for? Get crafty with bubbles and enjoy a fun day outside!