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Katherine McDonough
Very simple and cute! Easy to follow tutorial.
January 18
Renee Popernack
I enjoyed this project. The directions were easy to follow (I had no macrame experience). I bought a cat brush as recommended for the brushing, but I found that a fine-toothed plastic comb worked just as well for me for combing the cotton yarn.
January 17
Melissa Morgan
I love tips on using different types of mediums and tools that someone might just have around the house. It allows viewers to gain comfort in personalizing their final product by going outside the normal materials to add a little individual flair to an otherwise standard and widely used technique.
More than 3 months ago
Peggy Conroy Oge
Interesting leaf design from yarn-great class!
More than 3 months ago
June Ferguson
Love the look of these macrame feathers for Fall!
More than 3 months ago