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Nan Piekarski
Info was presented in a haphazard way- she said “use corn syrup”to grease molds when she should have said corn oil. I had to stop video several times to gather materials not on the list. Kinda disorganized.
December 3, 2022
Karen Hanchett
Haven’t taken the class yet and can’t get rid of this screen
November 14, 2022
Phyllis Nettles
I liked it because my great granddaughter has to make one for school & I think this is a perfect one to make. It can be used as a decoration on a tree outside for a holiday, plus feed the birds! I liked the suggestion a guest gave on using a zip lock baggy to mix the seeds. Have a Blessed Day!
More than 3 months ago
JoEllen Sarff
Thanks for sharing a great craft idea. I have lots of birds and have paid lots of money for suet cakes. This is a fun alternative to make this winter. Well done. Looking forward to more interesting & fun craft ideas!
More than 3 months ago
Rebecca Walker
Love watching my birds all year long in Alaska. To share reminder MICE & RODANTS love this stuff as well. Its best to try and hang it from a metal bird house/feeder rod or maybe twine from wire you wrapped around branch. For a perch so bird can stand and eat you could use small dowel or even chop stick cut to length. When a bird is ready to start making nests take old twine in 2 or 3 inch pieces and unravel a bit, shredded news paper, leaves or moss you can find and collect then take one of the bags that lil cuties mandran oranges come in (they are thin plastic but big enough holes birds can collect stuff for nesting, keep everything mixed up inside). We even used old nylon pantyhoses for bird feeders - mixed seeds with small amount of honey & peanutbutter putting round balls of feed then tie a big knot, repeat 3x for each leg. Stick chop stick through knot and make small holes in stockings. (Honey & old fashion peanut butter with oil you have to mix up and keep in fridge just holds seeds together as to not fall all over ground.) I guess if you have kids popcicle maker that would work to. The handles have holes it could be hung from.
More than 3 months ago