March Lookbook // 2017
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Check out a typical day at Creativebug Studios. We're currently enjoying a mix of new classes, CB classics, and a big old slice of pie. Click here to watch everything in the March Lookbook.
March Lookbook // 2017
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March Lookbook // 2017
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March Lookbook // 2017
Check out a typical day at Creativebug Studios. We're currently enjoying a mix of new classes, CB classics, and a big old slice of pie. Click here to watch everything in the March Lookbook.
Homemade Apothecary
Amy Karol
Make your own lip balm, facial oil, deodorant, and more, by looking no further than your pantry or local health food store. Amy expertly demystifies the ingredients you need and offers recipes and ratios that result in delicious smelling, high-quality beauty products that will leave your skin and body radiant.

Watercolor FAQs with Yao Cheng
Yao Cheng
Have you ever wanted to know more about Yao Cheng’s creative process? Us too! We sat down with Yao in her gorgeous light-filled studio to have a chat about some frequently asked questions. In this two-part interview-style class, Yao discusses her approach to everything from composition to confidence – and she even shares advice for those who want to digitize their paintings but don’t know where to begin. We hope that her answers will illuminate your path as a watercolor artist and inspire you to keep practicing.
Wholecloth Quilting: Machine and Hand-Quilting Techniques
Carolyn Friedlander
Create a whole new topography on your quilt tops simply using whole pieces of fabric, batting and thread. Modern quilter, Carolyn Friedlander, shares eye-opening ways to approach wholecloth quilting, giving you a broad overview of hand-stitching and machine-quilting techniques. You will learn how to make modern tied quilts and combine big basting stitching in vibrant designs using Perle cotton and wool yarn. Plus Carolyn shares her tried-and-true techniques for using a walking foot and darning foot at the machine.
Manga Drawing: How to Draw Faces
Camilla d'Errico
Learn the Japanese art of manga from celebrated artist and author, Camilla d’Errico. What is manga, you ask? It’s a wildly popular style of Japanese illustration commonly found in comics and graphic novels, and in this introductory class, Camilla gets us started by focusing on faces. Using simple steps, she demonstrates how to draw both male and female heads from four different perspectives, plus how to create iconic manga expressions and different styles of hair. You’ll start your lessons with pencil and graduate to ink, and along the way, you’ll learn how to add personalized flair to create your own unique characters. 
Fabric School: Understanding Textiles with Mood Fabrics
Benjamin Mach
Have you ever walked into a fabric store and felt totally overwhelmed? Benjamin Mach – Creative Director of Mood University and two-time Project Runway contestant – can help. In this comprehensive course, he takes you on a figurative walk through the aisles of Mood Fabrics in New York City, explaining the difference between fibers and fabrics, wovens and knits, and everything in between. A range of fibers are discussed here, including cotton, linen, wool, silk, synthetics, and specialty fabrics. Once you have a grip on the composition of fabric, you’ll learn how fabric drapes on the body so you can select the perfect fabric for your project. 
Simplicity Sewing: Cosplay Costumes
Michele Muska
Learn how to sew Cosplay costume essentials – including a structured corset, studded gauntlets and a lined cape – with Michele Muska from Simplicity Patterns. Unsure how to add boning to your bustier? Or insert a separating zipper? Michele covers all these tricky sewing techniques and more, sharing tips and tricks for mastering the pattern at every step. This costume can easily be customized with fur, lace or fanciful trim to create your very own character. 
Crocheted Stones
Anne Weil
Learn how to embellish favorite found stones with gorgeous crochet patterns. Knit and crochet designer, Anne Weil, demonstrates how to make these intricate little decorations, perfect for gifting to friends or displaying as a collection. The patterns are customizable, too, so you can decorate anything from a small stone to a larger rock. 

Sew a Leather Bag
Liana Allday
Sewing with leather can be intimidating, but in this class, Liana shares the ins and outs of making a classic, swoon-worthy leather tote bag on your home sewing machine. No special skills or fancy tools are needed. Learn tips and tricks for picking a gorgeous piece of leather and sewing with it successfully. At the end of the class, you will have a sturdy, heirloom-worthy bag that you will want to use for years.
Knitted Seed Stitch Slippers
Wendy Bernard
Whip up a pair of cozy slippers in no time at all using bulky yarn and large knitting needles. Worked in a nubby Seed Stitch pattern, these slippers come together quickly and are topped off with a cute button accent. This satisfying project is great for beginning knitters who want to practice shaping and stitch patterns, as well as seasoned knitters who simply want a break from a bigger project.
How to Make Pie Crust
Devlin Mannle
Homemade pies are beloved by all, but they can be particularly challenging to do well. Whether you're baking for a holiday, a barbecue, or just because, Devlin Mannle will show you how to make a killer pie you'll be proud to share on Instagram. Devlin shares his mother’s recipe for perfectly flaky pie crust, walking you through every step just like he’s in the kitchen beside you. You’ll learn tips and tricks for handling and rolling out the dough, as well as several traditional and decorative pie crust designs that will impress your guests, like lattice crust, cut outs and pretty crimped edges. 
Intermediate Watercolor: Painting Florals
Yao Cheng
Learn how to paint gorgeous, gestural florals that reflect the vitality and energy of a freshly picked flower. This class is not about capturing the detail in every petal and leaf – what’s more important is focusing on the composition and the movement of the arrangement. Once you’ve learned how to create leaves and single stem flowers, you’ll learn how to combine these elements to paint a stunning bouquet.
Make a Magic Braid Leather Bracelet
Elke Bergeron
In this class, Elke shares her technique for making a braided leather bracelet from one connected piece of leather (And yes, it is quite magical). This is a great class for learning some leather-working basics, like how to cut leather, bevel edges, and use a leather hole punch. Have fun experimenting with widths and colors to make bracelets in several different styles. Check out a cool timelapse of Elke making the magic braid here