February Lookbook // 2018
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What will you make this February? Watch this promo to get a sneak peek of our all-new releases as well as seasonal favorites. Click here to watch the classes! 
February Lookbook Promo
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February Lookbook // 2018
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February Lookbook // 2018
What will you make this February? Watch this promo to get a sneak peek of our all-new releases as well as seasonal favorites. Click here to watch the classes! 
Daily Painting Challenge: 28 Acrylic Studies
Courtney Cerruti
Whether you’re a casual artist or a seasoned painter, everyone can benefit from a daily painting practice. Artist extraordinaire Courtney Cerruti takes you on a 28-day journey of painting the world around you – from fruits, vegetables, and objects, to complex portraits – all using acrylic craft paints and basic brushes. Learn fundamental skills for working with this versatile medium, including how to add shadows, depth and dimension. No matter your skill level, Courtney’s gentle instruction and daily guidance will invigorate your practice.
Simplicity Sewing: Amazing Fit Pants
Deborah Kreiling
Deb Kreiling is the design development director for Simplicity Patterns, and in this masterful course, she tackles one of the most challenging garments: Pants. Using the Simplicity Amazing Fit Pant pattern, Deb shows you step by step how to sew a pair of pants that will fit any shape and size. Learn crucial elements like how to sew waistbands, pockets, zippers and hems, plus Deb’s tips and tricks from her 40+ years at Simplicity, including what fabrics work best for trousers and how to baste and fine-tune fit. Tackling a pant pattern may seem like a tall order, but with Deb in your sewing studio walking you through each stitch, this pattern will come together with ease.
Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Tara Faughnan
Known for her vibrant and harmonious use of color, quilter Tara Faughnan shares her technique for hand-piecing a double wedding ring quilt block. Tara begins by showing how to create your own arc templates that utilize small scraps of fabric. She goes on to teach hand-sewing techniques for piecing and shares loads of information along the way about how colors interact. See how this centuries-old block pattern comes together to create a colorful quilt top with a fresh, modern twist.
Cricut Crafts: Dimensional Word Art
Amber of Damask Love
Literally add a statement to any room with this super-simple word art project. Using the Cricut Design Space, Amber of Damask Love shows you her process for selecting a typeface, seamlessly linking together the letters of your word. Then, using the Cricut Maker, she shows you how to cut out several sheets of chipboard to make a layered, dimensional sign that will pop from the wall. With some sandpaper, glue, and paint, this trendy wooden word art comes together quickly – no woodworking tools required. 
Tap Pants
Gretchen Hirsch
These vintage-inspired tap pants will become a sleeping or lounging staple. Expert seamstress Gretchen shows you how to draft a pattern based on your own measurement for a customized fit. She shares her tips and tricks for how to sew with slinky fabric and how to add two different kinds of lace to the waist and hem. You'll finish off this boudoir essential with a darling little bow - then get ready to get cozy.
Hand-Stamped Tote Bag with Leather Handles
Jen Hewett
This adorable handbag is the ultimate personalized accessory. Printmaker and surface designer, Jen Hewett, shows you how to create simple stamps and print custom fabric. She then shows you how easy it is to sew a tote using your hand-stamped fabric. French seams and riveted leather handles create a professional finishing touch. 
Crocheted Stones
Anne Weil
Learn how to embellish favorite found stones with gorgeous crochet patterns. Knit and crochet designer, Anne Weil, demonstrates how to make these intricate little decorations, perfect for gifting to friends or displaying as a collection. The patterns are customizable, too, so you can decorate anything from a small stone to a larger rock. 

Arm Knitting: Make a Throw Blanket
Anne Weil
Who doesn’t love cuddling under a big squishy throw blanket on a cold winter night? Learn how to make your very own oversized garter stitch throw – no knitting experience required. In this beginner friendly class, arm-knitting expert Anne Weil shows you every step of construction, from cast on to bind off. Since you’ll be using your arms instead of knitting needles, all you need is yarn to get started.
Make a Reversible Double Knitted Cowl
Lynne Barr
In this technique-intensive class, knitting master Lynne Barr demystifies the art of double knitting. She begins by explaining what double knitting is and the fundamentals of how it is worked, and then she demonstrates how to read a double knitting chart to create multicolored reversible pieces that have different designs on the front and back. She also provides a valuable lesson on how to create your own double knitting charts using any stitch patterns you please. To put the lesson into practice, she shares instructions for knitting an adorable double knit cowl in the round with a striped design on one side and dots on the other. To give the cowl lovely rounded edges, she works a tubular cast on and bind off—both very handy techniques to know for your future double-knitting projects.
Mod Corsage Quilts with Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner
Learn how to combine existing patchwork pieces and fussy cut floral fabrics to create stunning floral bouquet blocks. Inspired by 17th century Broderie Perse (Persian embroidery) quilting, Anna Maria Horner shows you how to create a modern interpretation of a "trompe l'oeil" bouquet using improvisational patchwork and applique. The architectural line work of this modern block is softened by the organic floral motifs, giving it a balanced and fresh look. “Mod Corsage” is perfect for anyone with patchwork experience who is looking to experiment with composition and color.
How to Make a Shadowbox Collage
Courtney Cerruti
Shadowboxes are a beautiful way to create a three-dimensional collage, displaying favorite memories or thematically capturing a moment in time. In this class, Courtney walks you through her system for creating a shadowbox using any objects or bits of ephemera you like. You will learn helpful tips on gathering objects, editing down the selection, creating a composition, and choosing the perfect glues and adhesives to keep everything in place. At the end of the process, you will have a thoughtful, signature masterpiece, ready to hang on your wall or give as a special gift.
Talisman Necklace
Alix Bluh
In this workshop, jewelry designer Alix Bluh will show you a simple crochet stitch for beading that offers endless options for customization by using different thread and bead combinations. You’ll also learn how to create different style clasps, and incorporate leather for a less time-intensive project that achieves the same sophisticated look. The fundamentals that you’ll learn in this class can be endlessly adapted to achieve different looks depending on the color thread and gems you chose. 

Note: In this class, Alix uses an unconventional crocheted chain stitch to create the foundation chain for her jewelry. While this nontraditional stitch works fine for this class, new crocheters may be interested in learning how to work a traditional chain stitch. Watch Edie Eckman's class on this topic here
Beginning Calligraphy
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls
Learn the art of calligraphy from a modern master–Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls. This four-week course is perfect for beginners, including ample warm up exercises that will help you understand how to hold the pen and control the flow of ink onto the page. From there, you’ll learn how to form upper and lowercase letters in a modern style, and how to join them to create beautiful words and phrases. By the end of this course, you will be ready to apply calligraphy to anything imaginable, from a simple address on an envelope to stunning wedding invitations. Learn and be inspired by Maybelle's distinctly modern approach to an ancient art form.
Make Valentine's Day Painted Chocolates
Courtney Cerruti
Painting chocolate with kids is a fun way to get creative when making gifts for classmates and friends. Courtney Cerruti shows her friend, Ava, how to create pretty painted Valentine’s Day candies in this quick class. These candies are a guaranteed crowd pleaser—not only will you experiment with mixing color, but you also get to play with food.
Stamped and Sewn Valentine's Pouches
Courtney Cerruti
Make Valentine’s Day extra special with this sweet and simple felt pouch. Courtney Cerruti shows you how to create hand-sewn felt envelopes for stashing treats and love notes, complete with stamped motifs and contrasting yarn embellishments for extra cuteness. Best of all, included with this class are printable Valentine’s—the perfect size to slip into your finished felt pouch.
Valentine's Day Crafts: Gem Paperweights
Courtney Cerruti
Courtney shows you how to make a personalized gemstone paperweight - which is the perfect desktop accessory and an adorable public display of affection. These cute little trinkets are made from a kids polymer clay, which is easy to roll, sculpt, and then stamp with a sweet message. After being baked in the oven, they become hard as rocks (or, rather, gemstones). Courtney then shows you how to finish them off with a coat of gold spray paint for a sophisticated look.